• Des escaliers esthétiques réalisés rapidement

    The rapid, aesthetic stairs construction

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  • Escaliers en béton-plâtre: une technologie moderne et durable avec 5 ans de garantie

    Fast-setting Concrete Stairs: modern, sustainable technology with a 5-year warranty

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  • Notre système d’escaliers est éprouvé: nous allions matériaux modernes et innovations technologiques.

    The excellence of our system is proven: we combine modern materials and technological innovations.

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  • Besoins d'escaliers particuliers, de structures spécifiques? Nous évaluons sur place et GRATUITEMENT !

    Are you looking for a particular stairs design, specific structures? Ask for a FREE on-site evaluation!

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  • Nous réalisons votre escalier avec savoir-faire maximal et désordre minimal - rapidement et efficacement.

    We build your staircase with maximum craftsmanship and minimum disorder – quickly and efficiently.

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Escalier Design

21st century staircase design: fast-setting concrete stairs

EscalierDesign’s Fast-setting Concrete Staircase technology opened new horizons in multiple branches of the construction industry. Would you like a modern, aesthetic, “ready-to-go” staircase in only 1 to 3 days? Do not hesitate! Contact us!
After an on-site evaluation, we design your staircase in accordance with the relevant regulations, both without any charges. Our staircases are built with the accuracy of up to 1-5 millimetres. The concrete stairs construction technique of EscalierDesign does not require complicated formwork, does not generate dust or dirt and, to top it all, your staircase can be used within 3 to 4 days.

The Fast-Setting Concrete Staircase technology is based on the assembly of hydrophilic formwork elements, precast to measure, manually, by our in-house craftsmen, in accordance with our customer’s requirements. As a result, we can adapt to all requests and all situations. In addition, our technology is environmentally friendly.

We use natural, noble and traditional materials such as homogeneous or heterogeneous Portland cement, classified homogeneous gravel in size 1-4 mm, concrete rounds in steel and iron as well as water and plaster. The formwork is done in plaster, which pumps the water from the concrete and, in due time, diffuses the necessary water for ideal and rapid drying.

"Wherever a man brings his job, he leaves also something of his heart."

Henryk Sienkiewicz

Construction et rénovation des escaliers extérieurs et intérieurs à Genéve.

The Staircase:

Escalier droit en feuille de béton construit en 1 à 3 jours.

Why choose a Fast-Setting Concrete Staircase?

Compare the advantages of this technology with the construction of a traditional staircase:

Construction d’escalier extérieur et intérieur en Suisse.

The Technology:

Escalier droit au meilleur prix en Suisse.

EscalierDesign stairs are based on congealed concrete structure.

Click to access the detailed presentation and the advantages of the Fast-Setting Concrete Staircase technology.

Construction d’escalier intérieur et extérieur en Suisse.

Models & Prices

Escalier intérieur en feuille de béton revêtu en bois à prix bas en Suisse.

Choose from the following types of modern stairs design:

The costs of evaluation, design, materials and labor costs are included in the price.

Remplacement  des anciens escaliers extérieurs et intérieurs sur Genéve.

Development of the structure


Our apartment has 2-floors which used to be connected by a wooden staircase with space between the slates. We wanted to replace it with a concrete staircase that is quick to assemble and above all aesthetic. We chose to work with EscalierDesign 888 Sàrl and we are very satisfied with the result. The staircase fills the entire space of the stairwell and walking on concrete stairs reinforces the impression of a solid connection between the floors. We are very pleased.
Pierre and Rana R., Meinier, GE

As an architect, I hired "EscalierDesign 888 Sàrl" to a project that required speed and precision. I was very satisfied with their performance. Within a day and a half, they built a double stringer staircase in the centre of an open space. A few days later the finishing touches were added, and the staircase was immediately usable. They pulled of a very elegant design at record speed.
Michèle Zurn architect

We are extremely satisfied with our collaboration with EscalierDesign 888 Sàrl. The owner, Mr. Zoltan, is very professional and very friendly and so are his construction team! We recommend this company and its excellent work. Do not hesitate to contact them if you want a unique staircase in your home!
Annick and Stéphane Wisselmann, Plaffeien, Friborg

We looked for a quick fix to renovate our old staircase. 
In only 2 days, EscalierDesign 888 Sàrl demolished the old staircase and built the new one – 
which takes up less space and is much more beautiful.
Ingrid. A

We always wanted to have unique interior stairs in our house. After several offers, we opted for the plaster concrete staircase because it was made in two days and the construction costs were half of that of wooden or regular concrete stairs.
Joseph B.


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We build and renovate exterior and interior stairs throughout SWITZERLAND and FRANCE.