The Construction of Fast-Setting Concrete Staircases

The advantages of fast-setting concrete staircase technology

  • Slim cross-section, special compound, high pressure and also bending-traction solidity, fast solidification, low density sand concrete. It is suitable for construction of interior decoration equipment (stairs, furniture, etc.), low levelled houses, villas, pavilions, adding a story to the house, or building industrial or public buildings, and can be built on-site (monolithic) or prefabricated

  • It can easily be used in case of special constructional circumstances (narrow constructional site, home-made implementation, structure fortification, structural engineering of high demands, monumental environment, and also in areas threatened by earthquakes)

  • The material is light, thin ribbed, stable, long-lasting, flexible, non-flammable and environmentally friendly

  • Using this technology, the densification and the after-treatment of the sand concrete can be avoided. It’s light enough to carry and be handled by hand

  • The plaster surface allows for a comfortable climate through its humidity control

  • The specially shaped plastic spacers inside the formwork provide precise, fixed steel rod mounting positions, thus securing its static effect, and providing anti-corrosive protection

  • The material and the diameter of the rebar is the well-known reinforcing steel.

  • The tracing and construction of the rebar is simple, easy to carry out, its diameter relatively small (3,2–8 mm)

  • It can be cost-effectively combined with other structural procedures (e.g. pre-built roofing)

  • It is capable of covering thermal and sound proofing needs with the help of special materials

  • It has a simple structure

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