Why choose the fast-setting concrete staircase construction technology?

Fast Technology = Cost Effective Staircases

L'escalier en feuille de béton construit à Genève. Escalier économique en Romandie.

The following table shows you the advantages of fast-setting economical stairs compared to traditional ones.



# Thanks to its construction technique, the design and development of technical drawings allows a certain margin of inaccuracy which will be corrected on site during the actual implementation.

# To design and draw up plans for a traditional staircase, measurement accuracy is essential. The margin of mistakes is thin and expensive.

# Construction cost is 20-30% lower

# The costs of formwork, plaster, carpentry and finishing work are around 20-30% higher., enduit, travaux de menuiserie et de finition sont plus élevés d’environ 20-30%.

# The construction works generate little dirt and mess. Thanks to the light structure, foundations are not necessary. peu de saleté et de désordre, grâce à la structure légère, les fondations ne sont pas nécessaires.

# A traditional staircase generates a lot of rubble, dust, and dirt during concreting, stripping or welding.

# The staircase is constructed from special concrete which solidifies in 48 hours.

# Concrete dries and solidifies over several weeks. semaines.

# You can use the stairs only 72 hours after the start of construction.

# The traditional staircase cannot be used for more than a week

# The fast-setting concrete staircase design takes up much less space than a reinforced concrete staircase, thus making better use of the empty space under the stairs. moins de place qu’un escalier en béton armé, permettant ainsi une meilleure utilisation de l’espace vide sous l’escalier.

# The stairs are large and heavy. volumineux et lourd.

# No specific prior coating is necessary for the finish; you can apply paint or other coverings directly (for example: wood, stone, textile, synthetic resin).

# Before any finishing coating, a specific coating is necessary. In addition, the choices of coating types are limited.

# Use wooden cladding, and by its sleek structure, your staircase looks like a wooden staircase, but without the squeaks and other inconveniences.

# A wooden staircase will be noisy and creaky, and a concrete staircase will look massive and heavy.

# Thanks to its lightweight design, the fast-setting concrete staircase is not an unnecessary burden on the building’s structure

# The concrete structure weighs down the foundation. alourdit la fondation.

L’escalier le moins cher sont les escalier en feuille de béton.

Escaliers économiques à Genève. Escalier pas cher à Genève en Suisse.